"Could figure out what it’s all about I won’t be there to hold you tight Make a turn on the next runabout Following the signs inside your mind

Yes, I’ve been here before It’s not gonna be like before Yes, we’ve been here before But I’m not gonna take it no more

Come on now, ease the pain I ain’t gonna fall for you again So why don’t you erase my name? ‘Cause I won’t ever feel the same

I’m sorry, I’m just different from you I can’t give you more than you want me to My life is near the end, you know it too”

Easy - Tahiti 80


She just an ordinary girl. Living her live, try to become a person that she and other people dream of. She has heart, a very big heart. She is shy, very quite. Sometime you wont be aware of her presence, because she just too quite. Doesn’t mean she is not willing to speak, but she just pick words carefully. She always avoid to hurt people, simply because she believe if words can be the sharpest sword. She live her days with hope and purpose, she is a planner. She plans everything, she plans time, activities, money, even she plans what to do and what to say to people. There are a lot of structure in her mind. She can be what other people want, even for not being her self, but it will kill her. People see her as an introvert and not interesting girl, or she doesn’t know actually what people think about her, she loves guessing and predicting. She can be a very open girl and interesting girl you can talk to, if only she wants to be that girl. Unfortunately, she will open her shell if she trust this person that much, and if only this person realize if she opened her self. Because she hurts a lot, mostly because people cant appreciate her when she was becoming her self, people enjoying her presence when she was very lovable but then they left unsaid.


This feeling is like demanding, they ask for place when you try your best to avoid them. They are craving for attention and they will consume your mind and make it like magic trick that you wont avoid. When you feel tolerance with them, they will ask for more and the after taste just like another guilty pleasure which will bring you to the real guilty feeling. Dont, just dont give them a chance. Yes, the pain asking for more places. 

The Day

There will be a day when tears turn to smile. When darkness is a history, when scream and fight just like another joke. When sorrow finally meet the happiness. There will be thunder and rain in a year, sometimes it followed by wind. But there is no rainbow without rain.
And it will come, yes the day will come.


Selalu ada yang bernyanyi dan berelegi
Dibalik awan hitam
Smoga ada yang menerangi sisi gelap ini,
Seperti pelangi setia menunggu hujan reda

Aku selalu suka sehabis hujan dibulan desember,
Di bulan desember

Sampai nanti ketika hujan tak lagi
Meneteskan duka meretas luka
Sampai hujan memulihkan luka

Desember - Efek Rumah Kaca

Dedicated to… December, the end of the year.